Websites come and go. Especially QB websites. Here on this page you will find links to QB sites and other sites I find interesting. If you own or know of a site that should be included here, please let me know.

Microsoft Compilers:
 It has been so long since Microsoft has supported any of these products that I do not feel bad about providing download links to any of these compilers.

QBasic 1.1 - Microsoft once included their QB interpreter with their operating systems. As of this writing you can still download QB 1.1 directly from the microsoft website:

This is a part of the "Extras" for Windows 95:

QBasic will run most of the QB code you find online and is great to learn with. As stated before, QB 1.1 is interpreted BASIC. That means you cannot use it to compile to .EXE files

Also download it HERE

QB45 - Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5 was the most popular Microsoft BASIC product before Visual Basic. This is the QB I use and the one used by most of the people who wrote QB tutorials and who made QB games. If you are not on an older DOS or Windows machine, you may want to run QB in DOSBox.

You can download QB45 HERE

In no particular order:

Pete's QBASIC/QuickBasic Site :: Still my favorite QB site. It has many tutorials and is home to QB Express.

QuickBasic Cafe :: Has a great downloads section.

Acid Works :: Has not been changed in years, but you should still check it out.

QB45 :: Still up!

Dav's QBASIC Site :: Has great resources and an awesome knowledge base.

QB News :: Hosts Dav's QBasic Site (above) and other QB resources. QB News also has active forums (sort of active).

Piptol Productions :: Go play 'Ghini Run

Jocke the Beast :: Funny name. Cool games.

DarkDreams :: Has more cool games.

The QBasic Station :: A wealth of information and... there are still people posting to the forums!

Genso's Junkyard II :: I built my first bike from pieces salvaged at a junkyard. Just sayin'.
GeekBASIC :: A small website about BASIC programming. Includes QB programs in the download section.

Other BASIC Languages
Just BASIC :: Based on good ol' BASIC

FreeBASIC :: Started as a 32bit alternative to QB45, but is now it's own beast. With FreeBASIC you can use Allegro, SDL, and many other great libraries.

QB64 :: With one eye toward 64bit computing and one eye on backward compatibility, I believe QB64 will soon be as close to 100% QB45 compatible as you can get on current 64bit systems.

BlitzBasic :: I've used trial versions of several Blitz products. They're top notch and have a large community and many great games to play.

DarkBASIC :: I actually PAID for DarkBASIC and DarkBASIC Pro! They're that cool to work with.
The executables seem a bit large, but DB and DBP are a pleasure to work with.

VB6 :: Yeah, I bought this one too... Twice! Dude, say what you will, but VB6 is sweet.

Not Necessarily BASIC Related
VOGONS :: Very Old Games On New Systems

Recommended Listening
The SID Station or
The MOD Station
The Old Computer Retro Radio
Radio Sega
OverClocked ReMix