Batch Files

What's With All The Batch Files?

I love batch files. Batch files can save you from countless hours of poking around in command prompts. And if you're using a text editor made for programming, I couldn't think of a better way to build tools. I've also used Python and JavaScript, but I never really got comfortable with those languages.

The batch files seen on this blog can also be found in THIS google docs folder.

What's With Your Formatting?

I format my batch files the way I do so I can read them more easily in Programmer's Notepad.

They look better and make more sense to me when I lay them out like that. Especially the longer, more complex ones.

Why Did You Change Your Batch File?

I'm constantly tinkering with batch files, text editors, and tool sets. My tinkering is my art. You may find a batch file described in the blog doesn't match the batch file in my documents folder. That's just the way I do things. Hopefully you can adapt to any changes.

The Batch Files:
This batch file allows you to double-click a .BAS file and have it interpreted by QB. It's usage is described in THIS BLOG POST. It can also be used to run

compileMaker.bat creates yet another batch file that can be run to compile your .bas file into an executable. It's usage is described HERE.

batchCompile.bat is used along with a text editor tool to compile your .bas file. It's usage is described HERE.

CommandLineExecutor.bat is used in text editors and in Windows Explorer to run programs. It's usage in Programmer's Notepad is described HERE.