This is a blog about Microsoft QuickBasic programming. I could open a website complete with forums and an official download section, but I think the time for those type of QB sites is long gone.  Changing hardware and operating systems first made QB a quaint hobby and now a dead art. Almost. There are still a few people using QB and I am one of them. It is my hope that someone finds this blog useful.

You may find things layed-out kinda odd for a blogger blog, but like I said, this blog is a convenient replacement for a full website. Keep checking back because I will be changing links and posts from time to time.

All of the programs, .bat files, and .bas files you see on this blog are currently working on my 2003, WinXP SP3 laptop running at 2GHz.

I have had a couple angry comments claiming I'm stupid and asking "What's the point of this crap?". Well, it's a hobby. What's the point of any hobby? I also restore old video game consoles and cartridges. There's no real "point" in doing that either except for the fact that I like doing it. I might add though, my pointless hobbies are still more meaningful than mindless criticism of how others spend their free time.